• The Options For Fast Solutions In Maid Of Honor Speech

    After all of the congratulatory messages if you are chosen as the maid of honor, comes the hard part - preparing the speech. It could be a daunting prospect as speaking before a huge selection of guests could be scary, nerve wracking and can also offer you nightmares. So how could you make the very best maid of honor speeches without getting bombed? These acronyms can help you make the very best speech possible.

    K.I.S.S - Keep It Short and Simple

    Remember to give your speech an emphasis and well-thought out meaning. Keep it brief and short but don't get rid of the important people that needs to be recognized. These people would range from the bride and groom, parents and siblings, sponsors, friends and other people who made the marriage possible. Bear in mind that the speech shouldn't be longer than 10 minutes since the longer you go about it, the chances of committing mistakes also increase.

    M.M.D - Make My Day

    Amusing stories in regards to the bride and the groom (if you mature with him or have known him for a long time) is usually welcome in any wedding speeches. Funny stories can lighten up the mood of the reception and can break the ice just in case the guests have not yet warmed up with the best man's speech. If you are the bride's sister, prepare maid of honor speeches for sister dear, in such a way, that it would bring tears as well as laughter. Talk about what you and the bride have gone through and thank her for choosing you as her maid of honor.

    C.A.R - Compliments Are Required

    A compliment especially towards the groom is important exactly like how the very best man has paid tribute to the bride. This is essential, as all of the guests might certainly not know the groom that well and might involve some apprehensions with the groom. By showing your support to the newly wed, you are subtly saying that you, since the closest person to the bride, give your stamp of approval. You can give certain situations however, do not get overboard or exaggerate, whilst the speech will miss its power.

    S.Y.C - Show Your Creativity

    If you find your maid of honor speech short, you may want to incorporate a few quotes, lines from famous speeches, poetry or even sing a few stanzas from a love song. This can either make your audience laugh in delight or cry tears of joy.

    With that said, it is best that you practice and memorize your speech several days before the particular wedding day. Maid of Honor Speeches Remember to hold a tiny note where important words are highlighted for quick reference just just in case you forget part of your speech.

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