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    t's difficult to pinpoint when the easy living movement began. With the exception of royalty and the elite class, our ancestors were the poster children for simple living. The difference between these distant generations is that those before did not need a selection, whereas those choosing the easy life today achieve this voluntarily.

    An overarching objective for modern-day practitioners of Home of Wealth is to lessen their environmental footprint. Hallmarks of simple living include using less energy and fewer resources, and producing less output. Those living simply may buy food in bulk or from the farmers market, avoid using items that have a lot of packaging, and recycle.

    The private benefits of simple living are numerous. Consuming consciously, mindful of one's true needs and the impact of choices made, provides an expression of control over the immediate environment. This sense of control contributes to a less stressful lifestyle. Although counter as to the consumerism preaches, living beneath one's methods to enable more discretionary time and income creates balance in the checkbook and in life. The "simplicity movement" has taken root within several age brackets and socioeconomic groups in the united states that are looking to decelerate and make work more meaningful, make time with family and friends an increased priority, and make community service a commitment.

    Personal growth is a natural development of simple living. Most often, this growth is due to a fresh conception of money. In quest for the American Dream, most Americans equate money with happiness. Yet, the Maryland-based Center for the New American Dream released a study that noted 83 percent of survey respondents wanted more time to spend using their family and 60 percent would take a salary cut to have it. This proof that you can't buy happiness is also intuitive to those seeking simple living. Those pleased with the simple lifestyle recognize that voluntary simplicity is all about satisfaction, not sacrifice.

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