• Straightforward Plans Of Website Design In Edinburgh Explained

    With SEO (search engine optimization) being a big consideration when designing a website. The designer has to be sure design sacrifices to support SEO. As search engine optimization doesn't always compliment web design. However, it's all about striking a balance between the two. Several of those compromises are as follows.


    Flash might be pretty and look cool but isn't helpful in SEO. This content of Flash can't be fully read by search engines so all the writing in a Flash file won't be read by the engines and this can create problems because when a internet search engine spider enters the internet site it might find it as containing no text therefore not appearing relevant to any search queries. Search engines love text and the more you have on your own website the better. Therefore, this is why Flash isn't a great idea. However, if used sparingly Flash can be quite a good asset in your websites design so long as additionally you include lots of relevant text.

    Image Links

    An image link might also not be the best choice for search engines, although it's still a link and will be taken under consideration as a valid link by the engines; from an SEO standpoint, you would be greater employing a text link with proper optimized anchor text for the relevant keyphrase. A means around this is supplying both a cool graphic being an image link and somewhere on the page a text link pointing to exactly the same location. JavaScript drop down menus suffers from the same problems and the same solution should really be applied.

    If you're trying to find SEO Edinburgh, I'd claim that this company is excellent as they've a vast experience in both website design and SEO, so know steps to make them interact so you have a nice looking website that is also internet search engine friendly.

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