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    Nätvaluta Protoshares - PTS is just a new bitcoin derived cryptocurrency from Invictus Innovations. It is unique among cryptocurrency because there is a personal company who has put a social contract in position that after it releases the products on its roadmap (Bitshares, Domainshares, etc.), whomever holds Protoshares (PTS) will soon be given shares of the newly released product at a 1:1 ratio with their PTS holdings.

    Which means that instead of being a currency that trades on the merits of the currency or its network, it trades on the near future value of the products that Invictus will deliver to whomever holds them. It is unique among coins in that it has a real reason to put up it, periodic and significant payouts of new cryptocurrency.

    This original value proposition and the fact that only 2 million is likely to be mined has generated a quite high price even only 12 days following the start of mining, and the adapted BitcoinQT client is insufficient for the task of securely storing. I've started a bounty that includes a minimum value of 5BTC or 150PTS, and that might end up being greater than when I could convince some larger holders of PTS to contribute.

    Probably the most secure bitcoin wallet could it be is open source and supposedly not too difficult to convert to a bitcoin based altcoin. Protoshares at a complex level is the latest version of Bitcoin with a fresh proof work and modified difficulty/block reward settings.

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