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    Malta hotels just keeping on winning awards - and it's helping increase the island's reputation as a vacation centre of excellence to those who haven't been before and are considering it.

    And for tourists who already take holidays in Malta it's boosting the return rate of visitors - important to any destination that's tourism form a sizable section of its economy.

    Malta is a popular tourist destination for years - especially among the British - but her reputation has been transformed recently. Before the island was seen often as a Mediterranean holiday for the retired.

    Low cost flights however now implies that the island is affordable for a long weekend or mid-week break for those tourists who would like just a couple of days away because of their jobs - cutting down the average age of the taking Malta holidays within the last few couple of years, and the hotels are to standards high enough to see lots of the tourists visiting again and again - an excellent boost for the island's economy.

    And it's not just traditional three and four star hotels which are enticing people - Malta has become well known for spa breaks and a number of the hotels are regularly featured and praised in European and UK magazine and newspaper articles as being the best in the Mediterranean.

    Which all means the island is more than effective at competing with areas that traditionally people head for on a three day break - the Costa del Sol and Marbella for example, along with other Mediterranean islands like Cyprus for individuals who take 7 cheap flight malta day trips.

    Holidaymakers from the UK have now been interested in Malta previously since it enjoys the elements of the Mediterranean, but additionally because it's comfortingly British in many ways, despite independence having been gained in the sixties.

    Through the years the island has established her very own identity, but some remnants of the former rulers remain - driving on the left for instance, and English is universally spoken. Put that with the low crime rate and it has an edge for UK tourists that other holiday destinations cannot offer.

    It remains attractive to the British - helped recently with cheap Malta flights - nevertheless the vacations are increasingly attractive to other nationalities too - notably the Italians and increasingly Scandanavians, and the vacation market is no further geared exclusively to the UK travel market.

    The hotels which have won awards recently range from the Corinthia Palace - well known for the spa facilities - when they won a World Travel Award while another of the hotels in Malta won two awards from Expedia - Le Meridien in St Julian's. These two Malta hotels could take advantage of extra bookings in 2010 from holidaymakers searching for good accommodation.

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