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    If your home is in the UK or the Netherlands, like, you will know just how big a sport darts is now in recent years. However additionally it is becoming hugely popular in a lot of other countries all all over the world, and is enjoying huge growth both as a spectator sport and a sport that individuals may take part in. So how come darts now so popular?

    Well I do believe one of the major causes is due to the growth of the PDC organization. Thanks to Barry Hearn there are now a lot of televised tournaments being shown in many different countries, and as a result individuals are realizing that darts is actually a very exciting game.

    Nowadays there are huge tournaments being held throughout every season with huge prize money on offer, and as a result with this the standard of play just gets better and better. There was once an occasion when it absolutely was very rare for players going to a 100 three-dart average, but these are now commonplace amongst most of the top players.

    This makes darts a good spectator sport, but it is also a good sport to play as well. It's available to everyone because all you need is a dartboard and some darts. There are no age restrictions. That you do not must be super fit or a certain height, for example. You just need to be able to throw a dart at a dartboard.

    One of the greatest reasons for darts is that it is a very social game. Many pubs, at the very least in the UK, have their own dartboard so you can play darts with your friends and colleagues if you so wish. You can also join your neighborhood pub team if you begin to have quite great at the overall game and take part in local leagues and competitions so the overall game becomes quite competitive and a lot more enjoyable.

    If pubs are not your thing, then you can simply play darts from the comfort of your own home. You must find that should you practice enough, you will quickly improve and better and over time you might well desire to join your local pub team to play against other players because this may develop your game even further. You never necessarily need certainly to drink alcohol. Indeed I would recommend you stay away from alcohol if you should be seriously interested in winning.

    Anyway the point I do want to make is that darts is a superb game to play, and nowadays it's only as exciting to watch as well. Darts and Golf combined - Dolf Anyone can enjoy the game and it's a very cheap and accessible sport compared to many other sports.

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